Call for papers

International Conference

Torino (Italy), 13-15 October 2016

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The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University, the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Torino, and the Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Torino, invite young scholars to participate in the International Conference “The Relevance of Keynes to the Contemporary World. Eighty Years since The General Theory”, to be held on October 13-15, 2016 at the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Torino, Italy.

Commemorating the eightieth anniversary of The GeneThe General Theoryral Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936), the Conference aims at exploring the continuing relevance of John Maynard Keynes’s economics at a time of profound crisis for both the global economy and economics as discipline. It therefore adopts a “history of economic thought” perspective to throw light on the current state of economic policy and theory, with a view to providing possible alternatives to the practical and theoretical shortcomings of the prevailing approaches.

The Conference program focuses on three main aspects:

  • the radical novelty and still unexplored potential of Keynes’s social philosophy and method;
  • Keynes’s insights for the management of domestic economies in the times of a global recession and European crisis;
  • the suggestions of global reform that might arise from reconsidering Keynes’s plans for the postwar monetary system.

Robert Skidelskly (University of Warwick) will give the keynote lecture.
The list of confirmed invited speakers/discussants includes: Jörg Bibow (Levy Economics Institute), Anna Carabelli (Università del Piemonte Orientale), Mario Cedrini (Università di Torino), Peter Clarke (Cambridge University), Terenzio Cozzi (Università di Torino), John Davis (Marquette University and University of Amsterdam), Sheila Dow (University of Stirling and University of Victoria in Canada), Matthew Evangelista (Cornell University), Luca Fantacci (Università Bocconi), Ravi Kanbur (Cornell University), Ivo Maes (National Bank of Belgium), Roberto Marchionatti (Università di Torino), Maria Cristina Marcuzzo (Università di Roma – La Sapienza), Hirokazu Miyazaki (Cornell University), Louis-Philippe Rochon (Laurentian University), Francesco Saraceno (OFCE-SciencesPo), Lino Sau (Università di Torino), Dario Togati (Università di Torino), Vittorio Valli (Università di Torino), David Vines (Oxford University).

Maynard & LydiaOn Saturday (15) morning, the Conference will host a special session of 6/8 papers by young scholars (under 40 years of age). Young scholars are invited to submit their research works on one of the three main topics (or, in general, on the continuing relevance of The General Theory and Keynes’s economics) by sending an abstract of about 400 words before February 27, 2016, to and

Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent by March 15, 2016. There is no registration fee; travel expenses are the responsibility of authors of selected papers, whereas the organisers will cover accommodation expenses.


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